As an enterprise, our mission is to generate work.
We opened “Casa del Lavoro” (Labour Agency) to enhance and multiply our ability to pursue it. The idea of work represents for us an ever-open challenge and topic:  which conditions lead to work as an instrument of inclusion and opportunity for human fulfillment? 



Casa del Lavoro



We develop new proposals of fashion: sustainable for those who produce fashion and for those who wear it.

We work artisanally with our hands, creating pieces of beauty every single day.



Sartoria GelsoL.E.I.



We offer a wide range of cleaning services, encouraging job placement for disadvantaged people.



CREA Pulizie



Thanks to the application of innovative methods and the partecipations European partnerships networks, we have been experimenting since some years the use of the arts to strengthen people and to shape their professional project. We believe that the presence of Art in general in the life of anyone is fundamental. We want to use the Art as a generative tool of relationships, it represents a source of intuitions and occasion of movement: we aim to apply the Pedagogy of Arts towards our beneficiaries as well as within our organization.




JobAct     Message in a Bottle     ArtE



The economy, banks, interest rates, loans … it all seems difficult and inaccessible.

We offer support to deal better with these issues, with concrete examples close to our everyday life.






We have opened the Youth Aggregation Center in Pino Torinese (a small city in the surroundings of Turin, Italy). There, we create and promote events and initiatives with the purpose of facilitating union and dialogue. We offer a space for young people to be the real protagonists.



CAP     Il mondo dei Neet si racconta     Vivi Sano e Vai Lontano


We are part of “Casa delle Rane ONLUS”: a second-level association that manages Più SpazioQuattro, the neighbourhood’s house in San Donato (one of Turin´s neighbourhood)

A neighbourhood’s house is an open and public place to citizens for aggregative and cultural activities, which allows us and the users of our services to get in touch. This is a network of people, associations, possibilities, opportunities in a friendly, generative and welcoming environment.



Più SpazioQuattro     Habitat




The relationships we create help ourself to develop as a company and they improve the quality of our activities.






We cross ideas, dreams, projects and help them to develop, in a generative and sustainable work environment.

Tell us about your entrepreneur challenge!



Your Challenge



We perceive the environment as an ecosystem that surrounds us, made up of bonds and relationships. It is like our society. Our first actions are dedicated to green urban spaces and the relationship with what is born and grows. Further than that, we, as a company, put particular attention to sustainable energy choices.



Sustainable Choices